Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Long Eyelashes

To start off, I have pretty long eyelashes but of course the longer the better right? So I researched some videos on youtube to see what other girls were doing to get sky high lashes without gluing fake ones on. I found that they would curl their lashes and then load them up with about 5 coats of one mascara and then about 3 coats of another mascara to achieve long, thick, black lashes. So i tried it. I ended up with my eyelashes looking exactly the same. But instead of a quick wash off it took me like 20 minutes to get all the junk off of my lashes without ripping them off. I have decided that coal black clumpy lashes are probably not that attractive.

Hello Beauty Blogging World

hey!!! this is allie and rachel!! we decided that there are many girls out there that need a place to find practical and reliable beauty tips and advice so we decided to start a blog to that we can share our expertise with the world!!! we are totally excited to answer any questions you might have about makeup, hair, skin, teeth, nails, and fashion!! please send us your tips too!!!!!
Allie and Rachel